Our vision and strong values for individual goals. We achieve them together.

Six values make the difference –
that’s what we believe in …

A planning office, real estate pros, real estate all-rounders, planners, architects, visionaries: or everything at once? XQUADRAT cannot be placed into traditional categories. We put our heart and soul into what we do. With a view to the unique individuality of each individual project. We always approach things from a holistic perspective and from different angles. At the same time, we are also approachable partners who believe in the power of flying at the same altitude as our clients and customers.

This is how we get your project across the finish line: with respect, team spirit and high standards. Your next project X? Our next big challenge! We are ready.

1. Authenticity and trust

Yes, we believe in authenticity. We believe in real closeness. In ideas you can touch. In an honest exchange. To achieve more together. Because trusting partnerships are the key to every project’s success. We are here for you, for real!

2. Experience and consistency

We have been around for more than 14 years. What we do has real substance and builds on precisely these many years of experience. And on the diverse expertise of the people behind XQUADRAT, who enrich our track record every day. We take joy in sharing our expertise with you. Again and again.

3. Passion and creativity

Build, develop, design: There are many creative minds and doers behind XQUADRAT, who work together to create something special for you. We are passionate about what we do. Combined with fresh ideas that make innovative solutions possible in the first place. Always tailored to your vision.

4. Respect

Whether with each other, among ourselves or with our project partners when dealing with the outside world: for us, respectful interaction is the best basis for working together. We value individual diversity – it forms the foundation for creativity and change. That’s exactly why we like differences: they enrich us and our lives!

5. Creating meaning and common ground

We pull together. Especially for you and your project. In a working environment where everyone can develop their potential. Part and parcel with collective strength and the personal signature of an owner-operated company that takes every project “personally”. With us it’s easy to turn things into a common cause.

6. Positive social impact

Buildings need visions so that people feel comfortable in them. Together, we are aware of our social responsibility. Together with our partners, we create needs-oriented living and working environments that also provide positive added value for society. And which feel good for as many people as possible.